The Event Retreat Toolkit

A Live Group Mastermind that Will:

Teach you how to create a 6 figure event or retreat.
Reduce the stress and anxiety of planning your retreat or event.
Eliminate the risk of losing thousands with your event or retreat!

Help create a highly engaged community and uplevel your authority and confidence. 



Are You                        of Selling Out Your Event or Retreat?


Do             of These Sound Familiar?

You have dreamed of hosting an event or retreat for years but don’t know where to start?
You are terrified of spending and losing money.

You worry that no one will show up to your event or retreat.

You keep saying “Down the Road” or “When I’m more successful.”


What       It Didn’t Have To Be That Way?

 How would it feel to sell out your event?

- How would it feel to gain clarity around your event or retreat plan? 

- How it would feel to finally host an event or retreat that impacts others, creates community, and changes lives? 

- How would it feel to get past limiting beliefs that have held you back from planning your ultimate retreat or event?  

How would it feel to gain the confidence to invest the RIGHT way in your event or retreat to maximize profits without fear of losing money? 

Join us for our five-week live group mastermind 

Starting February19th, 2020


In this                                 mastermind we’ll cover:

• Gain clarity around your purpose and outcome.

• Aligning your purpose and outcome to your event or retreat strategy.

• Creating a 6 figure strategy that sells out your event or retreat

Week One
Event or Retreat Purpose and Outcome

• Choosing a location aligned with your event or retreat goals and objectives.

• Plan out your retreat itinerary or event agenda in a way that maximizes time, value and impact.

• Using the most effective logistics techniques to save time and money while increasing profits.

• Deciding the length of the event or retreat, scheduled sessions, activities, and free time for participants.

Week Two
Location, Logistics and Agenda

• Negotiating with venues to get the BEST deals.

• The legal nitty gritty to eliminate risks and protect your bottom line.

• Determine the optimal price points for your retreat or event.

• How to MAXIMIZE your profits

Week Three
Budgeting, Legal,
Pricing and Profits 

• Develop a WINNING marketing plan to position yourself and your event or retreat offer.

• The most effective use of social media to fill your seats, and create buzz

• How to create a compelling e-mail campaign to sell out your event or retreat.

• Creating compelling copy that helps you attract your ideal client and sell out seats

Week Four

• How to step into your leadership role as an event or retreat host, and create a magical experience for your attendees.

• Monetizing and creating upsell offers that add $10k, $50k or even $100k to your business.

• Wrapping up, and how to add events or retreats to your yearly business plan.

Week Five
Putting it All Together and Looking Forward

Master Class
5 Week Course Dates

february 19th, 2020 
February 26th, 2020 
march 4th, 2020
march 11th, 2020
march 18th, 2020

From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
The Live Master Class will also include an optional live Q&A session
starting at 3 p.m.

What should I                  from this Masterclass?

 Walk away with a complete event or retreat plan including logistics, copy, marketing, sponsorships, and more, so you never have to pull your hair out wondering how the heck you’re supposed to start planning your event.

You get a step-by-step, detailed workbook to develop your plan and strategy.

Templates and resources including: How to Sell Out your Event + Retreat, 90 Days of Social Media Prompts, Retreat Planning Checklist, The PERFECT Sponsorship Pitch Deck, Legal Contracts and Documents

Feel confident about your perfectly planned event or retreat


Ready to get started? 

Enroll Now!

I’m Elizabeth Sinclair, business strategist, coach and consultant and retreat company owner. I’ve held dozens of retreats and small events over the years in locations including Bali, Marrakech, Maldives, Malaysia, Boston, Florida, New York, and many other great event and retreat locations around the world. I’m also a retreat consultant and help my clients plan, price and promote their retreats and small events.

I’m Alecia May, Event + Sponsorship Strategist, Speaker and Podcast host of the 6 Figure Event. Since then, I’ve produced more than 700 events in my career, both online and offline. I have raised over $3.5 million USD in event sponsorships for 6-7 figure coaches, conferences, summits internationally

I recently took Alecia and Elizabeth’s event and retreat masterclass and I have to say WOW. These two powerhouse women provided more practical, usable information in three hours, than some entire, weeks long programs. It’s not surprising, both women are professionals in their
field with years of experience with events and retreats. I highly recommend them for all your event and retreat needs

Mary Anne Raymond
The Web Works Group

Alecia is an incredible inspiration for any woman starting or growing her business. Her skills and strategic methods stretch way beyond events and really helped me discover who my target audience is and exactly what they'll want from a live event and just total brand expansion. I HIGHLY recommend working with this awesome lady! Thanks, Alecia May for everything! 

Amina Oubjiane
Freelancer / Digital Nomad

Alecia is such a gem!! When myself and two colleagues of mine were inspired to create a joint retreat for our tribes, we had NO idea where to begin...but a friend recommended Alecia and after one conversation with her, we KNEW she was the key to making our retreat exactly what we dreamed it to be. Since then she has been amazing at researching the venues we desire, and bringing up all the key points we likely would have overlooked. Alecia is clearly brilliant at what she does, and I look forward to working with her more! 

Jennifer Jayde
Dream Business Coach + Mentor

Love From Our Clients

The retreat was transformational for me. In addition to learning everything about events and retreats such as logistics, to maximizing profits, and filling spots, I bonded with so many amazing women with interesting and unique event and retreat ideas and goals. Alecia and Elizabeth made me see what is possible and I left with a solid plan in place. I’ve also sold out my first retreat at Jeju Island for January 2020. 

Seo Yoon 

I had the best time ever in Bali with Elizabeth and Alecia May. Their knowledge and experience with retreats and events helped me tremendously in ironing out some sticky spots with my weekend events for women undergoing cancer treatment. As a professional makeup artist I donate some of my time to women who are fighting cancer to help them with makeup and hair. I’ve always wanted to create weened long workshops to offer makeup and hair help to these women and offer them the chance to bond with and gain support from others fighting to kick cancer’s behind. Since the retreat I have sold out my first weekend workshop and have a waiting list for my second! 


Past Events

Bali Event + Retreat Mastermind

How much does it cost?
The five week group mastermind is $697 USD.

Will there be a replay available?

Do you have a payment plan?
Please contact us if you need a payment plan.

I can’t make it this time, will you have another class?
At this time, we do not have another class scheduled.

What's the best time to take the class before my retreat or event?
We suggest at least 6-12 months in advance to plan your event or retreat!

Will there be a Question and Answer period, after each module?
Yes absolutely. We believe the best learning comes from our group, where can all learn and share together. The Q&A session will start at 3 p.m. EST.

What if I have more questions, or need additional support?
We encourage you to join our                                                                        where we have a community of like minded entrepreneurs. You can ask questions, engage in the conversation and get additional support from us there.

Frequently Asked Questions

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